Although the team have suffered some loses, they have formed some good friendships and are improving their hockey skill. I am very excited to be apart of this team and will be enjoying it when I play for the Kings when I am a bantam next year. I would like to thank the coaches, Coach Ed who will be coaching the Bantam team next year, Coach Danny who has done a excellent job coaching the team so far. And Bobby, the Head Coach who have made these 15 boys better hockey players despite liking a particularly bad hockey team from Philadelphia. The players are also amazing and hilarious. To name a few, Thomas who is Danny's son, is a fantastic player and a good friend, Johnny who a friend of mine and is in a family of hockey including another player on our team and is a big help to our team. Kellan, Ma and Jared who are great hockey players, Forward or Defense. Robbie, Andre, David, Alex, Joey Frankie, and TJ are our amazing wings who know how to play (unlike me). And Our amazing Defense